Goodmorninggggggg sa akin! Mejo lunod padin sa magmamahal. I miss you :( #ldr #happy #loved #viber #fiance

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“Saturday, October 18, 2014
6:24 AM
Day 2.

The feeling I had yesterday was different. I was calm and composed about the new chapter of my life. It did not really sink in until I woke up this morning in the room we shared, alone. I had a heavy feeling in my chest. I stared at the whole room, thinking if there was something wrong. It was not until that moment, I have come to realize that I will be waking up alone in the same room for two years. “Alone.”, I mumbled to myself.

I stared at my phone, turned the data on and checked for any new messages. There were a couple of messages, but I was only waiting for a message from one person. This was the routine that I would need to get used to. I was used to waking up next to him every morning and now I should get used to his morning messages. I am still grateful. I am thankful that he and I are still going through with our relationship even though distance will always be a big obstacle.

I checked my phone again, hoping that he was already awake. There were none. I felt sad because I was used to starting my day with a kiss and a cuddle from him before getting up. I guess I have to get used to my new routine starting today or else I’ll be doomed. The problem is I don’t know how to cope.”


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People would ask what my plans were with you. I just want them to know that distance won’t and shouldn’t change anything between us. You will always have me and I will always have you. If you are willng to fight this battle then I won’t stop and let go.
I love you.
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I’ve been waking up next to you for almost a year. You’ve been my partner in everything.

Time flies by so fast, it’s been a year since we’ve decided that we are infinite. Thank you for being there for me always. Thank you for putting up with my shit for a year now. Thank you for loving Aeon just like how much you love me.

You went from hell and back to have me and you’ve showed me how you never want to lose me. I want you to know that I am truly grateful and very much happy with you.

I love you, Pio Salipot. Happy anniversary! :)
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Saturday morning shift! I’m feelin great. :)

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Ube Cheesecake perfect match for an Ube head like me. Haha. #selfie #happybirthdaytome #happy (at The Sweet Spot)

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My sister made my Birthday special by treating me to dinner! Thanks babs. I love the Ube Cheesecake. :* :) #grateful #10101990 (at The Sweet Spot, Maginhawa St)

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Akala mo di magkasama sa bahay eh. Unli bati at Unli I love you ang bubby. Bulol bulol kapaaaaaa tol. Hahahahaah. Ilysm. ;) (at Project 4 (Home Sweet Home!))

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My birthday treat to myself.Time to pamper my hands and feet! #restday #advancebdaytreat #happy (at Posh Nails Ali Mall)

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Chixsilog pala hindi chiks ano? Hahaha. Bilis ng panahon. 1 taon at 3 buwan na din pala ang nakalipas magmula ng una tayong nagusap. Ilysm. :3 #loved #happy #sweet #mypiosalipot

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Meh. I think I’m lovin my long hair. I better keep it this way or maybe longer. :)

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Happy Sunday! Lazy restday. #love #happy #sundays

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I have been a big pessimist for a few months now. I haven’t really been in the mood lately. I guess I’m just trying to make things look a little positive but inside I just feel like crap about almost everything. 

Here I go again, I’m having another one of my birthday month blues. For years now, I have always gone through a lot of challenges before my big day. I guess I am a bit used to it by now. Every year, fate always chooses the months; August September and October to test me. Big fucked up shit always land on my doorstep when these three months come. I am trying to get over everything and hopefully I’ll be back to normal when this month ends. I just want to heal myself completely of everything. 
I want changes in my life. Positive changes. 

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Finally, Love and I got to eat ramen again. #LuckyNikuCafe #Happy #Busog

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Ending September with a yummy dinner. Last yr, cupcakes lang ngayun Max na. Lol. Thank you sa treat bubby. #lamnadis #loved #happy #maxsrestaurant

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